Guidance for Wills and Probate Planning in West Virginia

Plan For Your Family’s Long-Term Financial Health

You would not let just anyone handle important family matters, and it is even more vital with your will. At Hyer & Littlepage, Attorney Stephen C. Littlepage has more than 40 years of experience in wills and probate, so you can feel confident that your family’s assets are protected for your posterity. At Hyer & Littlepage, we offer wills for married couples at reduced rates, help plan your estate and for your family’s financial health, and offer personal service from beginning to end.

Let us take care of your wills and probate today as your will is a serious matter. Call Attorney Stephen C. Littlepage at (304) 675‑1360.

What We Can Do For You During the Will and Probate Process?

Wills and probate is the process of arranging a person’s assets in such a way as to minimize the complications and tax effects of death. It is also used to describe techniques for maximizing the value of a person’s assets prior to death. Wills and probate can be as simple as changing money in savings from a bank account to a certificate of deposit, or as a complex as wills and trusts. A comprehensive plan should consider all aspects of a person’s life, and will likely change over time. The types of situations that we can help you with may include:

Last Will & Testament

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney

Declaration of Desire for Natural Death

Living Will

Choosing the Appropriate Executor

Hyer & Littlepage Can Help You and Your Loved One Beginning to End

It is a benefit to yourself and your family to have your estate matters planned before any emergency. Once you know your health or end-of-life wishes are outlined and preparations have been made to answer any sort of personal matters that may arise, it gives you and your family a certain peace of mind. It is always a good time to discuss estate matters and issues with your family well in advance of calling an attorney. When you are ready to formalize your will or any estate planning, please call Hyer & Littlepage to help you.