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Whether you are seeking knowledgeable advice on legal issues on setting up your will, such as how to structure your will or other wishes, or are a family member seeking advice related to wills or probate, we can help. The law office of Hyer & Littlepage serves clients in our hometown of Point Pleasant, WV and throughout Mason County, WV.

Sound Advice on How to Handle Estate Matters Properly

If a family member has passed away intestate, the experienced attorneys at Hyer & Littlepage offer sound advice on how to handle matters properly. You may be caught off-guard by a loved one who has died without a will, so do not let important actions and decisions about their estate slip by. Attorney Stephen C. Littlepage can help you and your family with wills and estate planning in Point Pleasant, Mason, and New Haven, West Virginia. Call our office today at (304) 675‑1360.

Extensive Wills in Mason County, WV – Hyer & Littlepage Can Help!

Attorney Stephen C. Littlepage and staff provide comprehensive estate planning and will writing in Point Pleasant, Mason, and New Haven, Wesr Virginia. At Hyer & Littlepage, we provide an extensive array of wills and probate counseling and end-of-life legal issues services. The services we provide include:

Last Will & Testament

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney

Declaration of Desire for Natural Death

Living Will

Choosing the Appropriate Executor

And More!

Skillful Wills and Probate with Ease in Mason County, WV

Do you have your family resources directed to where you feel they should go upon your death? Settle disputes before they happen by setting forth your decisions in a last will and testament designed to deal with your property, financial, and other material goods disposition. If you already have a will in place, consult with us on whether any updates may need to be made. We provide service in Point Pleasant, Mason, and New Haven, West Virginia.

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