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Hurt in a Car Crash? You Have Legal Recourse After A Collision

Injured in an accident? A lawyer can help you through it. Injured persons with legal representation may get up to nearly four times as much more in settlements than unrepresented injured persons. You do not have to settle for the first amount an insurance company may offer you. Attorney Stephen C. Littlepage at Hyer & Littlepage helps you get the settlement that you deserve after a car crash. We offer free personal injury consultation and appointments in office, home, or hospital. Call Attorney Littlepage, an experienced auto collision and personal injury law firm, at (304) 675‑1360.

Get Professional Legal Representation in WV

When you or a loved one face serious injury after a vehicle collision in WV, contact a lawyer with experience to protect your rights. Trust an attorney who can get you and your family the compensation you deserve.

Attorney Stephen C. Littlepage dedicates his practice to helping you get the compensation you need so life can get back to the way it was before the vehicle collision. On acceptance of your matter, our attorney will represent you and fight for your rights to just compensation.

Hyer & Littlepage is on Your Side for All Types of Vehicle Collisions

Without a vehicle collision attorney at your side, you may be at the mercy of insurance companies representing the driver at fault, or whose interests are not your own. We take all cases seriously. At Hyer & Littlepage, we want to help you get back on your feet after all types of vehicle collisions, including:

Automobile Collision

Motorcycle Collision

ATV/UTV Collision

Boating Collision

Tractor-Trailer Collision

Wrongful Death

Auto Collision Passengers

And More!